Why should we choose CORVALLIS OFFICE CLEANING LLC for cleaning services?

We provide a higher standard of quality commercial janitorial services that is simply not provided by our competition. Brian and Leah are the owners and perform all office cleaning services rather than having low paid employees perform sub standard and inconsistent work. We have experience providing commercial cleaning services as sole proprietors since 2003 in Corvallis and are IICRC certified in floor care and carpet cleaning. Our color coded microfiber cloth cleaning system eliminates cross contamination between toilets/urinals and other surfaces. Our dual compartment microfiber mopping system removes more dirt from the floor with clean solution instead of mopping the floor with dirty water! In addition, we use green products such as environmentally safe SUSTAINABLE EARTH cleaning solutions. We continuously educate ourselves in new cleaning methods, equipment, tools, chemicals and do our best to provide  quality commercial janitorial services to Corvallis and Albany.  We are insured and bonded and will gladly present the paperwork to show this before we start cleaning services at your office/facility.

How much do you charge per hour?

We do not charge by the hour. We do a thorough walk through with the owner or authorized representative at each office/facility and present a detailed customized bid for cleaning services which is a set monthly charge for commercial janitorial services.


How do your prices compare to your competition?

Through years of experience we have found that bids from our competition on the same commercial janitorial services accounts vary widely from low ball bidders to very high bids. Our prices for cleaning services in Corvallis are not at the low end but are very fair for the quality, dependability and consistency we provide for office cleaning services in Corvallis. In most cases we are not the highest bidder on a commercial cleaning services bid request, but above the median price. We know from experience that a long term janitorial services company cannot sustain profitability by attaining commercial cleaning services accounts that are acquired by giving the lowest bid. We are here for the long haul and are not a fly by night janitorial services company that charges unrealistically low prices, yet we charge a fair price for the quality of service and peace of mind we give our cleaning services clients.


Are we stuck with your services on a contract?

No. Although we do present a contract detailing services, it is a month-to-month cleaning services contract that can be cancelled by either party at anytime with 2 weeks notice requested. We are confident enough in our quality of services that we have found many years ago we do not need to lock our customers into a binding contract for a specific amount of months.