Our Approach

Cleaning Service Differentiation

Owners Perform Cleaning - Not Low Paid Employees: Our competition uses low paid employees that are just doing the job until they find something better.  All office cleaning by Corvallis Office Cleaning is performed by the owners to ensure the highest quality cleaning service possible.

Training and Experience: In addition to the experience we bring by providing cleaning services for Corvallis since 2003 we also are IICRC Certified in Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning. We are continuously attending training seminars and seeking information on new and better cleaning solutions in the janitorial services industry. New equipment, tools, cleaning solutions and methods in the cleaning service industry are constantly evolving and we do our best to keep up with those changes to make our job more efficient and provide the best commercial janitorial service in Corvallis that we possibly can.

Commercial Cleaning Only - No Residential Cleaning:We specialize in cleaning offices and other commercial buildings only and do not do residential cleaning as the vast majority of our competition does. Unlike other cleaning service companies in Corvallis, we concentrate on our core business of commercial janitorial services and provide business owners the type of quality janitorial service they expect and deserve.  We provide a higher quality and  more reliable service for office cleaning in Corvallis, Oregon than our competitors and have done so since 2003.

Color- coded cleaning system:  Our color-coded microfiber cloth cleaning system prevents cross contamination between toilets/urinals and other surfaces such as sinks/counters and door knobs, light switches, paper towel dispensers, etc. Red microfiber cloth is used for toilets and urinals and stall walls. Yellow microfiber cloths are used for counters, sinks and other surfaces. Special glass cleaning microfiber cloths are light blue and only used on mirrors, glass tables, glass desk tops and windows.

Dual Mopping System:  Our microfiber, dual compartment mopping system does a better job of removing more dirt from the floor and leaves floors cleaner than a traditional cotton mop or single wringer mopping system. One compartment has clean water and floor cleaner while the other compartment is used only for wringing out the mop. In a single compartment mopping system, after the mop is wringed out it is redipped back into the now dirty water and solution and then the floor is mopped with dirty water! Why would you do that? With our dual compartment mopping system, after the mop is wringed out into the dirty compartment it is redipped into clean water and solution from the other compartment. Floor is then mopped with clean water/solution rather than dirty water.

Green Cleaning Chemicals:We use the SUSTAINABLE EARTH product line for our cleaning solutions which is environmentally safe as well as properly disinfecting surfaces and cleaning floors.


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